Sex Slaves Forced into ” Call for bombings of their enslavement brothels.” Yazidi Feminist Courage!

Reading the text from the call just about brought me to tears. And to think, we have fellow Americans, Canadians, Britons, and others joining these sex-crazed barbarians.

“I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunch time… there is no life after this.”
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Borders will change!

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is known for his blunt manner, and today’s interview with Steve Inskeep was no exception.

The blunt-talking Moshe Ya’alon says that Syria, Iraq and Libya have all been shattered by fighting in recent years and that the future map of the Middle East…
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Article Endorsement: ISIS Will Lose!

A defeat at Kobani, the loss of confidence within ISIS’s militants it will trigger, will force ISIS to focus on who they feel are the weakest to regain the military initiative; thus Baghdad become a prime target. Lets us all support those who have the courage to fight, and acknowledged at the same time that it is the Kurdish peoples who are becoming the regional peer leadership in attacking the terrorists – war mongers. We should all endorse the articile. Lastly, lets prais

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Many in the world media seem to be concluding, with alarm, that the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is at the gates of Baghdad. ISIL has made dramatic gains in Anbar province, Iraq’s perennially troubled “wild west,” and Anbar…
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seeds of Unity has appeared.

This is the basis for an Internal unity focus which has been denied to this worthy nationality since the end World War I. The sincere wish which can be conveyed is congratulations and we, those who are supportive for a free peoples globally, should devote a significant share of our social media efforts to assist in their efforts in forming national unity. Roger M. Christian. Ithaca,New York
P.S. The second stage of this effort is to allow their efforts to include Iraqi Kurds.

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ISIS Withdrawing from Kobani

A Kurdish commander says that ISIS has withdrawn for Kobani. After fear just a few days ago that the city would be lost, ISIS has been forced out of the city two kilometers to the east and nine kilometers to the west. The fighters are now…
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The Battle for Kobani

This is an excellent blog report with graphic pictures – photos which gives you a vivid picture of the battle for Kobani .

Drop weapons for Kurds flooding across border to join the bloody fight US intensified airstrikes on besieged town with overnight bombardment Americans also dropped weapons and medical supplies to …
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Resolving to make Kobani Islamic State’s Stalingrad

The Stalingrad analogy is a suitable one for the present situation in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani. One hopes that Kobani does prove to be the Stalingrad of Islamic State.
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Turkey has now open its border.

SURUC, Turkey (AP) — In a significant shift, Turkey’s top diplomat announced on Monday that his country is helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross…
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The Kurdish Joan??? Rehana becoming famous

A Kurdish woman known as Rehana has become a hero across the internet for killing more than 100 Islamic State terrorists. Rehana became famous after a photo of her…
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An ISIS Retreat ?

ISIS beats a retreat from besieged Syrian city via @TIMEWorld

But Anwar Muslim, the head of Kobani’s local government, tells TIME more than a thousand civilians are still trapped in the city center
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